Announcing our volunteer programs

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

-Raising awareness about the cause of Global Saving Humanity GSH, it's profile and what it does

with beneficiaries

-Raise awareness about Global Saving Humanity GSH

-Build relationships with the community and contribute to supporting others in the community ------ -Providing volunteering opportunity provides opportunities for social inclusion, skills development and potential routes to employment

-There is evidence that volunteering can help to improve health and well being for individuals

-Inform the development and delivery of GSH activities, projects or services by bringing in new opinion, ideas or approaches. This can help our organization to adapt, stay relevant to what our beneficiaries and community need

-Identifying opportunities to improve what we do deliver service or projects in a more effective and efficient way which can help to save money and resources.

-Invite investors in supporting GSH cause

-Volunteers for efficiency training, provide support in feeding, provide support in educating, provide support in plantation program, provide support in workshops. provide support for social media, provide support for technical activities of GSH, provide staff and administrative support


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